Foam Surfboards (Softboards)

The ideal vehicles for learning to surf on but reliably good fun for surfers of all levels, foam surfboards (sometimes also known as softboards, softies, foamies or soft-top surfboards) generally feature a soft layer of foam on the deck and a high-density plastic "slick" bottom. The foam core resembles that of a conventional hard-shell surfboard, but the softer exterior is far more forgiving (and far lower-maintenance) than a fibreglass laminate. Softboards are hard-wearing, stable, highly buoyant (and thus easier to catch waves on), and considerably less likely to cause an injury than their hard-shell equivalents. Simply put, they are a great way of getting a user-friendly introduction to surfing at a lower cost. Increasingly, foam surfboards are celebrated by more experienced surfers as a "fun" or low-stress option in small to medium-sized waves, hence the advent of the "performance softboard". We have a great range of softboards in loads of different sizes, from small 4" through to longer styles over 8". Check out our great range of foam surfboards for sale below.

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