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Raspberry Swirl

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The Fourth Summer Series surfboards are an exclusive range of individually numbered boards for Surfdome. Inspired by the flavours of a summer visit to the ice cream parlour, each board will have its own unique resin swirl tint. These amazing looking boards are constructed using Fourths ESE technology and are sure to turn an eye on your next surfing mission.

Starting with the outline, this board has the look of a fish; a wider nose and pulled in swallow tail, but when you really dissect the Weekend Rockstars outline you start to see the secrets. The parallel rails give this fish heaps of forward trajectory and the bullet like tail curves offer great pivot when needed through turns. The nose, although wide, has a fast curve for the overall length of the board to make sure there are no issues with bogging rails and bigger turns in weaker waves. The rocker is medium throughout with slight kick in the tail to keep it lively, and the foil is that of a high-performance all-rounder - which in this case was based on the shank.

This combo gives you the extra stability and control of a fish with the sensitivity of a more high performance board so when long boarders are cruising the line-up you are up and about too shredding the face like you have a rocket in your pocket.

The single concave offers lift and control and the rail shape is that of a performance short board. All in all, you have an incredibly fast board that burns through weaker waves and utilises any sections you get with performance lines. Its easy to catch waves on, it works in anything from knee high to overhead waves and makes general everyday surfing easy.


  • Outline: Bullet shaped fish template with parallel rails
  • Tail: Swallow
  • Concave: Singles with double to spiral out the back
  • Rocker: Medium tail with a bit of kick and a gradual medium curve through nose
  • Fin Set Up: Five fin, FCS II boxes
  • Rails: Performance 60/40
  • Volume: Medium high - leaning towards performance with enough float to catch waves what ever the conditions

ESE Technology:

We are using 'Superfused EPS Foam' from US Blanks. It has a tighter fusion and cell structure due to the moulding process of the blank, this means the blank takes less resin and offers a tighter flex pattern than the standard EPS blanks available on the market. If you weren't already aware, standard EPS foam has a tighter flex than standard construction boards, so Superfused blanks are a massive step up in that respect. These blanks are around 25% lighter than standard blanks, so with the added flex properties you can see where the added performance comes from when riding the board.


HeightWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
5'919 7/8"2 3/8"30.3L
6'020 3/8"2 1/2"33.4L
6'220 5/8"2 9/16"35.6L
6'420 7/8"2 5/8"37.9L

Fin Set Up Five Fin
Surfboard Construction EPS Epoxy
Surfboard Tail Shape Swallow
Surfboard Types Fish Surfboards

Product Sizing Chart

Height (Feet)

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