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The Fourth Summer Series surfboards are an exclusive range of individually numbered boards for Surfdome. Inspired by the flavours of a summer visit to the ice cream parlour, each board will have its own unique resin swirl tint. These amazing looking boards are constructed using Fourths ESE technology and are sure to turn an eye on your next surfing mission.

The Chilli Bean is built for any surfer who understands that if you're not afraid of slightly more foam you can go shorter than you'd imagined possible. For 2018, Fourth have taken some foam off the rail to add an element of ease to turning the board as well as carbon support through the engaged part of the board when surfing down the line, freeing some flex up in the tail to give a bit more torque through your turns.

The Chilli Bean is designed to absolutely maximise the fun to be had in average, everyday surf by catching almost as many waves as a longboard, gliding over the flat sections whilst being super responsive underfoot. The curvaceous outline, rounded tail and more relaxed rocker means that the board is designed to cruise, carve. When set-up as a quad the Chilli Bean will fly down the line with just a little encouragement.

In terms of design, this board is essentially a reload for intermediate surfers or surfers of a bigger build. With single to double concaves, relaxed entry and exit rockers and foam distributed to give the best balance between float and control it is ideal as a first shortboard or intermediate all-rounder.


  • Outline: Full outline, with gently pulled in tail
  • Tail: Round
  • Concave: Single to double with light vee out the tail
  • Rocker: Relaxed throughout - little flip through tail
  • Fin Set Up: Five fin, FCS II boxes
  • Rails: Full 60/40 rails
  • Volume: High - packed in to offer the easiest entry to waves and a stable platform to surf


ESE Technology:

We are using 'Superfused EPS Foam' from US Blanks. It has a tighter fusion and cell structure due to the moulding process of the blank, this means the blank takes less resin and offers a tighter flex pattern than the standard EPS blanks available on the market. If you weren't already aware, standard EPS foam has a tighter flex than standard construction boards, so Superfused blanks are a massive step up in that respect. These blanks are around 25% lighter than standard blanks, so with the added flex properties you can see where the added performance comes from when riding the board.



HeightWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
6'021 1/8"2 5/8"36.9L
6'321 1/2"2 3/4"40.5L
6'622"2 13/16"44.7L
6'922 3/8"2 7/8"48.1L
7'022 3/4"3"52.2L


Fin Set Up Five Fin
Surfboard Construction EPS Epoxy
Surfboard Tail Shape Round
Surfboard Types Shortboards

Product Sizing Chart

Height (Feet)

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