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Item code: 416595

The Men’s Custom X snowboard was designed to give you professional level performance that can meet the most demanding of riders. With power stretching from the nose to the tail, the Custom X board is highly responsive, ideally suited to expert level boarders. The technology within the board will give you confidence from the moment you strap in, including a carbon layer to maximise response and squeezebox core profiling to give the board a blend of flex and snap. With a camber profile the Custom X board is stable, lively and provides great edge hold for charging down the mountain.

  • Snowboard Type: All-Mountain
  • Rider level: Intermediate to advanced riders
  • Flex: 6 - 9 which makes this board medium to aggressive
  • Profile: Camber
  • Shape: Directional/ twin. Blending a directional shape with twin flex
  • Pro-Tip on the nose and tail
  • Construction:
  • Core: FSC certified Dragonfly 600G core
  • Multizone EGD
  • Squeezebox
  • Fiberglass: 45° fiberglass plus carbon strands
  • Edges: Frostbite edges
  • Super Sap Epoxy
  • Mounting: Channel mountain system

The Custom X is Burtons most aggressive board for this season, giving you power, precision and speed. Due to the stiff flex in the board this is best suited for intermediated to advanced riders, who enjoy all aspect of mountain riding. This board has a directional shape, the extra length at the nose gives it extra lift when riding over powder. Although the Custom X is directional, it has twin flex which means the nose and tail behave the same. So, you can take this board to the park and ride switch no problem. Pro-tip on the nose and tail is slightly tapered to reduce swing, making it easier to move on the snow and in the air.

The camber profile on the Custom X is a traditional camber that is going to give you lots of stability when you're powering down a straight line. The Camber shape will give you faster edge to edge transition and will make the board feel move lively under your feet. To take your speed to the next level, the Custom X has a Sintered WFO base which has waxed infused deep into the board. This base is a much tougher than an extruded base and will give you a faster glide, these are more expensive to repair if you get a ding.

The core uses FSC certified Dragonfly 600G, which is a lightweight wood. The core has an impact zone along it so that the wood can remain lightweight without sacrificing strength. Opposite the channels on the toe edge and heel edge, the wood grain is at a 90 ° angle to the rest of the core (Multizone EGD). This helps to drive the power from your feet to the edges to give you more precision and control, whilst also increasing the cores strength. Throughout the construction of the core a squeezebox profile has been used, which is a combination of thicker and thinner sections within the board. This creates stiffer sections to increase power and more flexible sections. The Squeezebox core makes the board feel snappier when riding and is easier to control.

The Custom X has a full carbon layer and carbon strands within the fiberglass which keeps the boards overall weight down, whilst also adding lots of life to the board. The 45° fiberglass with carbon creates an aggressive ride, ideal for people who prefer a stiffer board for charging down the maintain and backcountry.

The frostbite edge was created by Burton to improve the edge to edge hold. The edges jolt out beneath your bindings to bite into the hardpack snow/ ice and give you a solid hold so you can ride with confidence that you won’t slip out. Custom X has been through Burtons Infinite Ride process, which is when the board is compressed and broken in by a machine. This gives you a consistent flexible feel from the first run of the day.

To sum up the Custom X, it’s a stiffer board that is built for speed and precision. If you enjoy a sturdy board that gives you the control and confidence on icy terrain than the Custom X could be a good git. Although the board is an aggressive ride, the squeezebox profile creates flexible points for a more poppy feel

Snowboard size guide

Length (cm)Nose Width (cm)Waist Width (cm) Tail Width (cm)Rider Weight (kg)
15028.824.8 28.8 54-82
15429.125.0 29.1 54 - 82
15629.4 25.2 29.4  68 - 91 
15829.7 25.4  29.7  68 - 91
16230.025.6  30.0 82 - 118+


Product Sizing Chart

Length (cm)
150 cm
154 cm
156 cm
158 cm
162 cm

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